“Creating Sustainable Value” concept is the core of our Corporate Social Responsibility understanding which we consider as key factor for transforming futıre and boosting this transformation to spread it to mass people.

As IPEC, we have been producing and implementing social responsibility projects primarly on topics related with  entrepreneurship, enviroment, active participation to social life, gender equality, unemployment, youngs and reaching disadvantaged groups, digital transformation.

We make ‘’sustainable value creating’’ corporate social responsibility projects while offering consultancy services on social responsibility for institutions with a quite ranging tools and programmes such as; From Waste to Art project is the biggest recyled plastic bottles statue of  Travertens, International Young Professional School which prepares youngs to professional life in international scale, dissemination of sustainability notion among youngs in Sustainability Leaders of Future events series, Europe’s one of the biggest informative portal for youngs; gencfirsatlar.net, Europe’s  one of the first portals where the all latest news on Industry 4.0, the most important concept that triggers transformation of the World, can be followed; 40endustri.com. We carry out joint studies in our 3 main expertise field with instutions that we support via providing consultancy services thanks to our 10 years on international project management experience. These are;

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Development
  • Industry 4.0.

We value sustainability and maximum efficiency through the services we carry out for instutions including ministiries, NGOs, municipalities, governorates, universities and private sector.

Please Click to see and get detailed information about corporate social responsbility projects we carried out so far.